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Glass Shower Door Co, Inc is a family owned and operated shower door sales and installation company. Our mission is to make the process of quoting, selecting and installing high quality glass shower doors as easy and pleasant as possible.


Since 1986, we have served Wisconsin by offering builders and consumers great customer service, competitive rates, and timely installation of glass shower doors, mirrors, tub enclosures, heavy glass doors, and more.

Alumax Designer Series

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The Alumax Designer Series is a collection of glass shower doors that combine function and elegance. Glass Shower Door Co, Inc. sells and installs the four unique Alumax Designer styles, including their Kula collection, Lani Shower Systems, Moana Heavy Glass Units, and Pipeline Heavy Glass Units. Browse below for a selection of beautiful and functional glass shower doors.


Kula Collection

Sunset… Nalu… Hapa… Ventura… Kona… Each design in the Kula Collection offers its own unique style and a choice of configuration options. The Kula Collection makes signature style approachable with a full range of framed and semi-frameless door designs perfect for the upscale bath. Kula Collection designs include corner, curved, in-line, return panel, and arc styles. Choose from available clear or mist obscure frosted glass





Direct Shower Door Glass Shower Doors Alumax Designer Series


Lani Collection

A feeling of airy openness marks our Lani Collection of glass screens and enclosures—designed to deflect and divert water, Lani Collection doors and screens preserve a spa-like feeling of space while keeping moisture where it belongs. Lani Collection shower and tub shield systems are ideal for the small bath needing a greater sense of roominess, or for celebrating space in the largest of showers. Lani Collection shower shields are designed with careful attention to door position and water movement. Through deflection and precise panel location, a sense of openness is preserved while spray is kept properly within the unit.

Direct Shower Wisconsin Glass Shower Door Alumax Lani Collection

Moana Heavy Glass Units

The Moana Collection of fully enclosed heavy glass door systems offers versatile stock configurations and hardware options to suit most any bath design. Choose from a variety of hardware, finish, and configuration options to create a classic all-glass enclosure perfect for the most luxurious home. Innovative seals and a full magnetic door strike make Moana series doors fully watertight, and suitable for a wide range of spray or steam configurations.



Direct Shower Door Glass Shower Door Alumax Moana Collection


Pipeline Heavy Glass Units

With gleaming metal and a glass profile, Pipeline leads the industry in functional design. The dual roller system and precision manufacturing means effortlessly smooth closing with simply the touch of a finger. Manufactured of finest quality stainless steel, Pipeline is almost infinitely versatile and can be styled to fit any design. Exposed rollers on a solid tube and premium stainless steel material make Pipeline a breathtaking style choice for the most upscale bath designs. Enjoy effortless motion with perfectly balanced ½” glass that glides at the touch of a finger. Pipeline Curve and Pipeline Arc also offer bent glass enclosures for use in a corner.

Direct Shower Door Glass Shower Door Alumax Pipeline Collection




See the Alumax website for complete specs and to see their full line of products: www.alumaxshowerdoor.com