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Glass Shower Door Co, Inc is a family owned and operated shower door sales and installation company. Our mission is to make the process of quoting, selecting and installing high quality glass shower doors as easy and pleasant as possible.


Since 1986, we have served Wisconsin by offering builders and consumers great customer service, competitive rates, and timely installation of glass shower doors, mirrors, tub enclosures, heavy glass doors, and more.

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Alumax Bath Enclosures

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Glass Shower Door Co, Inc showcases the best shower door products from Alumax Bath Enclosures. They have everything from standard, classic shower doors to newer designs built with the latest technology. Ask us about these products when you set up your appointment.


Browse through our catalog for some Alumax's Designer Series shower doors, including their Kula Collection, Lani Shower Systems, Moana Heavy Glass Units and Pipeline Heavy Glass Units. Products include frameless shower door systems, walk-in shower systems, and even truly watertight shower door systems.


We also are able to bring to you Alumax's Classics selection. These are traditional shower door systems and products, including heavy glass units, pivot and hinge shower door models, sliding shower door models and stik stall shower doors.



Direct Shower Wisconsin Alumax Shower Door Designer Series


Alumax Designer Series


Alumax Classics